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Results for Riverside


the budget, protecting Riverside from the threat of bankruptcy.


the city’s commitment to supporting public safety.


for our fair share of state and federal funding resulting in $180.5 million for major projects in Riverside.


$21.6 million for workforce and homeless solutions.

Dear Neighbor,

As your Mayor, I have made it my mission to focus on the issues that are directly affecting Riversiders. In the last 2 years, my top priority was to shepherd our city away from potential bankruptcy. I worked with everyone, from city staff, labor leaders and alongside my colleagues on City Council to ensure we balanced our city’s budget.

I fought and advocated for our fair share of state and federal funding, resulting in over $180.5 million for infrastructure and capital improvement projects throughout the city.

As your Mayor, I will not sugarcoat the brutal facts, homelessness has been ranked as our city’s number one problem. While 40+ years of bad policy making has led us to where we are today, it should not prevent us from confronting the challenge head on and focus on a multi-pronged approach to address the issue.

As Riverside continues to rise as the number one fastest growing city in CA, we must balance this growth with innovative solutions, responsible decision making and a back to business approach that is not swayed by the national rhetoric and performance politics that seeks to divide our local community.

Riverside residents want a safe city to raise their family and a Mayor that will fight for their quality of life.

Riverside deserves results and I am committed to delivering them.

Your Mayor,

Patricia Lock Dawson

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